Measuring Plate, Clamping Element & Test Bench Plate Manufacturer

JINGDA is renowned for both casting and mechanical processing capabilities. Our 4,000m2 casting plant includes two 20T cranes, two 40T cranes, one 7T cupola furnace, one 10T cupola furnace, one 10×4×5m annealing kiln, two 10×4×3m drying kiln, and other types of high performance equipment. This plant records an annual production capacity of 25.000 tons and is capable of processing all kinds of casting pieces. Our mechanical processing factory is capable of assembling machines in the dimension of 12×4.1×2.5m. We have large-scale processing equipment such as the 3×8m gantry CNC drilling-milling machine, X2032 gantry drilling-milling machine, B2020/B225 gantry planning machine, Z30100/Z3080 radial drilling machine, and the

Experiences from over 40 years of measurement technology, clamping technology & test-bench technology

JINGDA is a precision measuring tool manufacturing company, founded in 1979. We can provide wide range of heavy duty measurement tools, such as cast iron surface plate, granite surface plate, cast iron angle plate, cast iron square block, straight edge, V-block and bench center. Our company has been developed as a heavy machinery manufacturer, we use production equipment such as milling, planing, grinding, drilling and boring equipment to ensure quality of measuring instruments.

1. We provide the warranty services of repair, replacement, and refund for measurement tools. During the warranty period, our company will offer the free maintenance, replacement, and refund, if the measuring product has any quality related problems. However, we don’t bear the expense of transportation. As for the problems caused by other factors, our company will actively assist the users to solve the problems, so as to ensure the timely delivery. Through such way, the accidental loss will be greatly minimized.

2. Set up the archives to record the product quality, and regularly conduct the quality tracking. We will solve the problem for our measuring products in time once we find it.

3. Actively cooperate with the users to carry out the product’s site operation and maintenance management. At any time, we can provide the clients with the spare parts or accessories at cost.

4. OEM service is available.