Precision Restoration for the Used Cast Iron Surface Plate

Because of its own inner stress, the cast iron surface plate may deform under the function of stress, humidity, or other relevant factors. Generally, it should have the surface precision inspection after having been used for half a year. Repairing is required once the precision is proved to be unqualified.

After having been used for a long time, the cast iron surface plate will be possibly lowered in flatness or degree of finish. If there is any thump caused breakage or severe deformation, you should replace the surface plate with a new one.

Scraping technology is the most effective, commonly used way to repair the cast iron surface plate. It includes such two processes as scraping and grinding. This technology can gradually lower the surface roughness and reduce the error, until the precision meets the specified level. Through such way, the service life of the cast iron surface plate will be prolonged.

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