Cleaning Process of Cast Iron Surface Plate

The bottom part of the cast iron surface plate should be treated with the thorough cleaning process. And you should paint it with red anti-rust paint or coatings. Also, the side surface needs cleaning process prior to the rough processing. After the leveling, it should be coated with blue, green, or yellow paint.

The cleaning process could be manually or mechanically accomplished. The manual cleaning process requires low cost but some parts can't be cleaned completely. Instead, the mechanical cleaning process can make the cast iron surface plate ultra clean, though it costs much more.

The cleaning process should be implemented in the natural environment temperature, which is claimed to be the optimum operating temperature. In general, the manual cleaning is carried out in the workshop, and it needs no special requirements. Differently, the mechanical cleaning process is much more complicated. Here below is the detailed relevant introduction.

1. Choose the proper cleaning equipment. When choosing, the factors that ought to be taken into consideration include shape, weight, size, production speed, and the like.

2. Before getting into the shot blasting machine, the cast iron surface plate is required to be shakeout treated. This process can help reduce the casting sand on the surface plate, thus providing convenience for the shot blasting.

3. Usually, the shot blasting machine is suitable for the small size cast iron surface plate. Because the large or heavy type cast iron surface plate is cast by resin sand, it seldom has any casting sand on its surface. This type of surface plate can be easily cleaned up even by the manual cleaning.

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