Maintenance and Proper Use of Cast Iron Surface Plate

The factors like environment temperature, humidity, vibration, etc., will affect the flatness precision of the cast iron surface plate. It is important to control the application environmental aspects. But to obtain the ideal precision in the daily application of the cast iron surface plate, you also need to pay more attention to the maintenance and proper use of the surface plate. The improper use will result in the measurement error. Meanwhile, the insufficient maintenance will lower the surface precision. Even worse, the quality of the inspected product will be affected accordingly. Therefore, you are required to mind the following items related to the use and maintenance of cast iron surface plate.

Preparation Prior to Use
1. Before the inspection, make sure the surface precision of the cast iron surface plate is within the acceptable range.
2. Inspect the surface to ensure whether there is any corrosion, abrasion, scratch, and the like.
3. Get rid of the sharp edges, oil dirt, waste residue, etc.
4. Use the soft cloth or dust-free paper to wipe the surface plate clean.
5. Periodically make the inspection record.
6. The cast iron surface plate and instrument should not be placed to overlap each other. They ought to be placed in the proper position.

Precautions When Using
1. The cast iron surface plate should be properly contacted to the workpiece. And no deflection is permitted. Do not use your hand to touch the measurement surface. Protect the cast iron surface.
2. The measuring force must be moderate. Too large measuring pressure will lead to the measurement error. And the cast iron plate will be thereby damaged.
3. Do not measure the workpiece which is rotating, thus avoiding the unnecessary danger.
4. Knocking or leaving about the cast iron surface plate is permitted.
5. When using the cast iron surface plate to measure those special workpieces, you need to follow the relevant ways or steps.

Maintenance after Using
1. Clean the cast iron surface plate.
2. Coat it with anti-rust oil, and then place it into the cabinet.
3. The dismantling, debugging, revising, and assembly should be carried out by the professional management personnel. The behavior without authorization is prohibited.
4. Regularly check up the performance of the stored cast iron surface plate, and make the maintenance record accordingly.
5. Periodically inspect, verify whether the precision of the cast iron surface plate is qualified or not. Make the relevant record.

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